The next time I want to participate in ANY type of lottery I will ask myself FIRST "What will I do IF I win???????!!!!!".........................Be sure you have the answer to this before taking part................


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It's a common syndrome of human kind "to forget the bad and just remember the good" It's actually a defense system of our mind to protect itself from hardships by remembering the "good" old days. Those were not that bright, these are not this dark.

Did I feel the same when I was in Sweden؟

Of course not similar in shape, but same in the meaning. Didn’t you complain about their person based service in their banks? Don’t you remember getting an ID card for a friend? Opening an account? Etc. Didn’t you complain about professional salaries being equal or even less than inexperienced workers? Didn’t you complained about coldness of people didn’t give a hand to an old man hitting the ground in front of you? Didn’t you complain about loneliness of their elder people? Didn’t you complain about their weather? Didn’t you complain about their management unable to distinguish between 1 hour of your time and a secretary? Didn’t you complain about their healthcare system putting your friend in queue for 5 months for a blood test because the lab’s doctor is on “vacation”, ”maternity leave”, etc. Didn’t you complain about them building a wall around themselves during “winter” time? Didn’t you, didn’t you, didn’t you… May be I’m wrong, I always had a bad memory :*

I remember complaining about the weather of course, no doubt, but the other items I remember discussing and talking, i don't remember nagging and hating, after all they were the reason those people had such peace and safety around them. never aside the first 2 weeks that I was in sweden(and that I had a llota other reasons for I never said I hated that place and that I don't want to live in it, did I? did I ever say it and that I don't remember?

I remember and I see people complaining and talking about the problems in Sweden, and I've seen people complaining about the issues in US as well. I can say that both group are right and of course there is no ideal city and society except you could make it yourself. But I have a comment that one of the big issues in US and especialy in CA is: you can not complain as everyone in the world say : it's the best place...but in Sweden, always you can complain about weather;) anyway, I should ass that I'm waiting to see what's your comments after one year... wish you happy days,

what do you mean"you can not complain as everyone in the world say : it's the best place...but in Sweden, always you can complain about weather;) "??? I don't understand what you mean really.


Somebody once told me Be Careful of what you wish for. It may come true