Can you tell me why

Google this "happiest people on earth" and look at the results. You would be surprised by what you get.

The first three of the results show that according to a survey of 65 countries, published by British magazine New Scientist in 2003, Nigerians are the happiest people on earth! If you also search for the rank of the poorest countries, you'll find them ranked between 2nd and 20th pooreest nations, which makes them regardless of the rank one of the poorest countries on earth.

On the other hand Sweden is counted among the top coutries with the highest standard of living, but yet 1500 of it's 8.9 million population commit suicide each year. This yearly average of suicides is so high that the phrase "the myth of Swedish suicide, true or false" is a actually a highly discussed topic.

I haven't seen the graph of happiness vs. personal average income, but I assume it might be pretty surpring and funny. Ofcourse one can argue that happiness is relative and you can not compare a Swedish happy person with a for example Nigerian happy person. Their description of happiness os totally different but it's also true that the highest limit of unhappiness that causes one to commit suicide is not relative.

So, I ask you, why? How can this be?  What makes a person happy?

Are you happy?

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حيف که نمی‌تونم بگم من رو چی خوشحال می‌کنه! ولی معمولا خوشحالم چطوری؟

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its a matter of to be or will be. happens many times, even too short

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Well I beg to disagree


Dear "a minor deity" this link doesn't work!