When can you say a person has really grown up?

When they start smoking or drinking? Is it when they have moustaches or have they hair dyed? Or is it when they start earning more than thousands of dollars? Maybe when they start talking about xes? Or telling dirty jokes?.......I really don't know…..

I just know that when someone thinks that her friend should be exactly as she wants and do precisely what she want, be free whenever she is around, she never even tries to know and understand if her friend is so busy that can't breath more than she absolutely has to......

When I see this I feel that she is still just a child………

Try to learn, people may see one think at the same time and interpret it differently, understand it differently, feel differently about it and react differently to it. My friend shouldn't necessarily have my priorities, she shouldn't change her schedule to meet mine…………………… It feels really bad to loose a friend………………


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Oh no! loosing a friend... It feels really bad, its some kind of a full catastrophe. but about the growing up matter. I think its a continous matter of life. we grow up and up each day in our lives. there's no line in our lives to be pass to be a real grown up. its a way. we grow up and up. unfortunately always tomorrow we'll realise how immature were we yesterday.


به نظر من آدم‌ها وقتی بزرگتر ميشن که دنياشون بزرگتر ميشه. بزرگ شدن آدمها بستگی به نوع فکر کردنشون و نوع احساساتشون داره. خيلی راحت هم نميشه فهميد کسی چی فکر می کنه و چطور فکر می‌کنه. خيلی‌ها رو ديدم که ظاهر موجه و بزرگی هم دارن ولی بعد ديدم دنياشون اونقدر نی‌نيه که خنده‌ داره! در مورد رفيق و اين حرفها هم صد صدم باهات موافقم! کاملا درکت می‌کنم چون خودم کم و بيش اين مشکل رو دارم.


Could not have said it any better! Both that it is sad to lose a friend and also that when a person sees something the might understand it differently!!




Friendship is a mutual understanding; an agreement if you will… and when such bond is loosened on one end, the whole thing would eventually fall apart. As much as it is sad, it is inevitable. Sorry about losing your friend, but if she does not realize your situation then she/he is better off. Perhaps she is not as good of a friend as you think she is … (assuming you actually have all the rights in this matter  )

اون یکی آیدین

آدم وقتی بزرگ میشه که نسبت کارهایی که باید بکنه نسبت به کارهایی که دوست داره بکنه زیاد میشه.


Salaaam bebakhshid Grannaz joon hala ki gofte adam hatman bayad bozorg beshe? mishe bozorg nashod o ensan bood? ya yejooraye dige mishe bozorg shod o ensan moond? think about it