Never settle for less than you are worth!


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you can't chose who u fall in love with...and when u're in love it doesn't even matter anymore if they are what u deserve or not...cuz u are in love..

فراموش کن چیزی رو که نمی تونی بدست بیاری و بدست بیاور چیزی رو که نمی تونی فراموش کنی

a minor deity

One could argue that your worth is what you settle for. Your statement of course, begs the question "why?". Why is what you settle for so important? How would you know what you are worth? If you take the decision yourself, then what is it that makes you see yourself being worthier than what you have settled for? What stops you from always wanting more? How do you define the limit?

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لطفا به ما کمک کنید [ناخوش]

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شاید برای همینه که عمدهء مردم گنده تر از دهنشون حرف میزنن!