Someone told me this, I tried to find the original quote but I couldn't...anyway it's not mine...

You will always be a looser if you try to keep EVERYBODY satisfied.

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Metallica got a phrase in The Unforgiven says "He tries to please them all but the bitter man he is"


قطعا همينطوره! راستی! من بالاخره فهميدما


what if that everybody is your family?? do you have an answer for that maybe? cuz i'm stuck ;)

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در شبِ آسايشِ ماه، کنجِ پستوي خيس از عطر شب‌بوها، پشت نقابِ غبارآلود خاطره ها، تصويري از درنگ را نقاشي ميکنم دوست عزيزم سلام وبلاگ زيباو قلم توانمندي داريد ... برايتان موفقيت بي پايان آرزو ميکنم يه سري هم به من بزن مطمئنم خوشت مياد..


it depends on the reason or cause behind that satisfaction I guess, when we ask ourselves Why?