I'm trying to understand what you are going through.

If you hate me now it's fine, it's OK, but please don't do something that you'll hate yourself for, tomorrow.

I will vanish from the face of the earth, I will go somewhere you can't ever find me and I'll go so that you don't hear my name ever again if you thing that's what you want and need.

Hate me all you want, go to all places you desire for now, do all bad that you feel you must do, behave in the manner you have never done before but please please please please please please don't forget the GOOD in you.

You may decide to change alotta things that you have never touched before, but the wise person I know would catch the points she wants and likes from now on and mix them with thousands of good she had before and make the best of herself.

Just because you hate someone else it's not wise to become someone that you will even hate yourself. It sounds better to become someone that he would envy not being with and would feel that it was his loss not yours. Feel what he has missed, isn't that better?  

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