Everybody is a package......

Everybody is a package......

You say you fall for a guy who acts mysteriously, therefore you have to accept that you probably may not be able to trust him 100%....you say I like a girl who can stand on her own two feet, who doesn't need to be carried around all the time, you shouldn't expect such a person to say "yes sir" to everything you say, she probably works, so you can't expect her to look as if she got out of the hair dressers all the time.....You say you like a man whom you can rely on every once in a while, remember, to have such a person you must learn to say "ok dear, if that's what you think" every once in a while....You say I like a girl who's fit, who works out and is in good shape, to go out with such cutie you gotta what our your own eating first......

Prince Charming: has to look good, definitely has to be handsome, should also be a charmer BUT shouldn't flirt around!

Girl next door: the most beautiful girl in the neighborhood, in great shape, well dressed and she looks as if she's out of the hair dressers at any minute BUT of course she works and is not depending on you all the time. She's the best friend you can have, to be the best cook in the kitchen is a must, the best mother for your children and the best daughter in law for your mother, The most important point...No doubt you want her to be the best you've had in bed.....

Listen to yourself...Is this possible in any way? 

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My whole package miss you ,halamam badeh.Aloha Babak Bahremand


بله..بله..بقوله دکتر آفرين. خبه. بدون نام جان موافقم...راستی سفارشتم به اين دختره لوس کردم


به نظر من با ميانگين وزنی يه زبون مشترک پيدا می‌کنن اين آقايون آيدين. اين محاسبات اينجا به حق فقط می‌تونه کار يک ص..ی اونم از نوع ع...ص.. باشه


جدای شوخی با همه ارادتی که به فرمولهای محاسباتی دارم فکر نمی‌کنم دوست داشتن خيلی حساب و کتاب داشته باشه. اين فاکتورها معمولا وقتی به عنوان شاخص تعريف ميشن که فرد می‌خواد به احساسش توجيه منطقی بده. به خاطر همين يه وقتهايی که این شاخص‌ها جمع ميشن يک جا بعضا متناقض از آب در ميان. البت شايد هم اشتباه فکر کنم


مارکس می گوید : انسان برای به دست آوردن چیزهای بزرگ در زندگی باید چیزهای بزرگتری را از دست بدهد ! این بایدها تفکر هر انسانی رو تشکییل می دهند و بالطبع زندگی او رو ، پس هر تصمیمی یا فقدانی از منظر صاحب اون درست هست. پس به قول غوث گیلانی : سوار عشق شو و ز ره میندیش که اسب عشق بس رهوار باشد


يا ايتها السائده به راستی که نيمه حق با شماست و نيمی ديگر با شما نيست و اما اين محاسبات و جمع و تفريقات همه از تجربه است و خاک صحنه اما نهايتا آنچه حرف آخر را می زند دل است و دلبر


What is the aim of all these 100, 50 , 30 calculations? What do they lead to? So what? Life is an adventure to be lived, not a problem to be solved


It is indeed possible, but not probable. If you ask yourself is it fair or not? Then it really depends on the guy and their relationship! You can make huge lists of qualifications for a husband or a wife. None will come true as you make your actual choice. But the list does help you develop a lot of frustration


the whole thing is possible. the only perfection you need is within your own mind and personality. just a little more, you have to re-look what you have seen before ...