Never Call anybody else what you used to call her, never. It hurts ALOT.

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I agree with you completely. What I do not know is the reason for it hurting so much. Is it because you hear words that once carried love for you, used to call someone else? Or is it realising how unimaginitive the person who called you by those words is?


I guess because she need s to fekk that no matter how good or bad she was unique...........or maybe you atart comparing yourslef with the other person.........or that you feel that the word you were called by was not so special after all, i guess this it.

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وقتی ما آدم ها در هم تکرار میشویم... دردها هنوز هست برای کشیدن!


u're really hurts...the reason: could be b/c of the uniqueness that u thought ur relationship had...and now u feel u weren't that unique for him after all!